Weight Loss With Belviq

Nowadays everyone who considers themselves overweight obese wants to loose weight and stay fit. Belviq is among the most common prescription weight loss drug used by most obese Americans. Losing weight is the first step to being healthy. In the process we diet exercise and use prescription weight loss drugs to achieve that. Many belviq reviews have elicited both positive and negative reviews, which is common for any drug. The best way to use belviq is to make sure you get a prescription from your doctor.

What are the side effects

One of the most important considerations of any drugs is its side effects. Just like any drug, belviq has both benefits and risks. The following side effects of the drug were observed among healthy patients; headache, backache, dizziness, dry mouth, constipation and fatigue. It is however believed that doctors prescribe drugs only after considering that the benefit to you is much greater than the risk of side effects.

Who can take Belviq?

The drug is approved by FDA for use by obese and overweight people. Those with weight- related illnesses are can also take the drug, after careful consultation with a doctor. Pregnant women should not take the drug, because weight loss during pregnancy is harmful to the unborn baby, no matter how over weight you are.Anyone else suffering from any other diseases other than weight related conditions or who is allergic to lorcaserin should tell their doctor before taking the drug.

How does it works?

The drug works by regulating a person’s diet. It targets and activates an area of the brain called Serotonin 2C receptor. This is a hormone that controls appetite. Taking the drug leaves you feeling satisfied. Belviq is more effective when it is used together with a healthy diet and exercise program. After 12 weeks of use and not having lost 5% of body weight, dieters are advised to discontinue use of the medication, as indicated on the label.

Critics however argue that there are healthy alternatives to loosing weight other than use of weight loss pills. Daily eating of healthy foods naturally rich in water and fiber, like fresh fruits and vegetables , cereals and whole grains cooked in water is the best option. This is the safest option and still gives your stomach satiety and satisfaction that diet pills aim to achieve.If however you decide to use belviq, always consult your doctor first.