Etsy Vendor Confession: Lost Apostle

I love Etsy. It’s also kind of a reverse guilty pleasure/confession of mine. I like to shop, I wouldn’t say anymore than the average woman, and possibly less, but I am addicted to the convenience of online shopping. I’m also an Amazon Prime member, and that’s its own full-on confession. So, I also try to shop soutside of Amazon a lot of times, and Etsy with its street cred as a viable marketplace for independent crafts vendors to sell their wares seems like as good a place as any. So, I thought I’d create a short content series of my Etsy finds.

This week’s featured Etsy Vendor is a shop called Lost Apostle. Lost Apostle makes handmade bronze jewelry for both guys and gals, from everything from skulls and hearts to anatomically correct designs and things with wings. Check out this Day of the Dead Bracelet Antique Silver Day of the Dead Leather Bracelet:

I get a kick out of this Flying Pig Necklace Antique Silver Large Flying Pig Pendant on 24″ Antique Silver Chain:

Sci-fi and steampunk lovers will get a kick out of this Steampunk Gun Necklace Antique Silver Sci Fi Ray Gun on 24″ Gunmetal Chain”

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