How to Eat Healthy with Three Kids

Eating healthy is difficult for everyone. This is especially true for moms, who might want to indulge after a full day of stressful parenting. However, the eating habits you develop as an adult will be observed and picked up by your kids. It is important to set an example for how to appropriately address sugar cravings, snack time, and overall portions. This, however, may be easier than you think.


It starts with breakfast. The most important piece of information is pretty straightforward: always eat breakfast. Additionally, do not purchase sugary cereals and oatmeal. Instead, eat eggs, high-fiber cereal with fresh fruit, or smoothies. Your kids will love the versatility and natural sweetness.


Lunch can be a bit more difficult—your kid might be at school, leaving you some extra time to luxuriate in a piece of pizza or bar of chocolate. Do not fall into this trap. Instead, eat something similar to what you may have packed your kid. This can also save time; while packing their lunch, you can prepare your own meal in advance.


Dinner is an important meal for many reasons. It is often the only time where your whole family can sit down and talk together. Treat this as a teaching moment by bringing out the healthiest (but tastiest) food you can think of: veggie burgers, a build-your-own taco bar, or a vegetable stir fry. For desert, make your own frozen yogurt, smoothies, or slice up some fresh fruit.


Looking for more tips and insights? Prefer to watch a video? Here’s a short but helpful YouTube video, although nobody can suddenly make this problem an easy one. Trying to balance “pressure and patience” with getting my kids to eat healthy was something that would drive me crazy.