Finding Time for Yourself

Taking care of children seems like an insurmountable task. Minutes alone are precious and sparse, but you can find small ways to extend your alone time. Most of my advice has to do with sleep and sleep schedules.


If your kid(s) have a designated nap time, use that hour to spend time as you want. Don’t clean, don’t prepare for the next day, and don’t cook. Take a moment to read, exercise, or pursue a hobby. Furthermore, if your child sleeps into the late morning, get up a few hours before. Mornings can be invaluable for preparing the day and relaxing.


Meal planning is another great time to find extra time. Choose a day (most likely a weekend) to send your child to a friend’s house. Once they’re gone, spend a few hours preparing meals for the upcoming week. What might take you an hour or two per day is more easily accomplished in a single, devoted afternoon.


I just mentioned sending your child to a friend’s house. This points to another piece of advice: team up with other moms. It is very likely that your fellow moms are struggling to find a moment of piece. Develop a rotating schedule wherein, once each week, all the kids go to one mom’s house. This will help socialize the children while giving you a few hours to relax.