Etsy Vendor Confession: Kyra Botanica

I love Etsy. It’s also kind of a reverse guilty pleasure/confession of mine. I like to shop, I wouldn’t say anymore than the average woman, and possibly less, but I am addicted to the convenience of online shopping. I’m also an Amazon Prime member, and that’s its own full-on confession. So, I also try to shop outside of Amazon a lot of times, and Etsy with its street cred as a viable marketplace for independent crafts vendors to sell their wares seems like as good a place as any. So, I thought I’d create a short content series of my Etsy finds.

Our stop on our this week’s journey through Etsy land is a store called Kyra Botanica.

KyraBotanica creates herbal teas, facial steams and baths, tinctures, elixirs, herbal pillows, lip balms and salves. She hand-crafts and delivers these to those who could benefit from their down-to-earth, inherent blessings of nourishment, flavor, aroma, medicine and comfort. Plants and herbalism is her passion.

Need a little gift, or something relaxing for you? Check out this Lavender Love Sample Set – Two Lavender Teas and an Herbal Bath:

To soothe winter chapped lips, there is the Vegan Lip Balm – Citrus flavored with Lemon and Lime – .7 oz Tube:

Or treat yourself to a little Licorice Mint Tea, Loose Leaf Herbal Tea 2oz:

Stop by Kyra Botanica today and have a look around! Support handmade!


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