More Millennial Women Want to Be Housewives

There is a common gossip topic going around these days that pertains to millennials exclusively-that they are wanting to be housewives again after the generation before fighting to be seen as equal. This particular topic has piqued any peoples’ interest, and in turn those said people have come up with a ton of theories as to why this may be true, and some of them may come across as shocking in more ways than one.

The Work Place. The workplace while are accepting of women, definitely tend to cater to men or women depending on what type of job you go for. For example, a retail store may cater to men because that can easily get truck and inventory done. While a restaurant may cater to women more because they give appeal to a restaurant as a waitress and are more detail orientated in the kitchen. While these are completely plausible and logical, it doesn’t stop some women from becoming greatly offended, especially when you start to get into the financial area of things.

The Payment Gap. Speaking of the financial area of things, there is still a payment gap between genders, and this has shown no sign of changing no matter how many times women have spoken up about it. To make matters worse it could be accidentally bigger than what it is normal if you factor in the most woman-dominated job is host and waitress-jobs that pay less because they factor in the possibility of you getting tips. This could be a very big reason why millennial women are stepping away from work.

More Freelance Opportunities. In this day and age, the value of a dollar is less than what it was 20 or even 40 years ago. Therefor many people are interested in any way possible to gain more money. Most turn to freelance because it gives more money depending on how much time you put in-so instead of being under a rude boss who doesn’t like you, forced to deal with stubborn coworkers and punching long hours you didn’t ask for, it is logical they would want to be at home and be their own boss earning as much as they want.

These are only a few theories (and plausible ones too) but they on their own are quite enlightening. However, that isn’t to say these are all wrong and it may be something nobody had expected. Only time will shed light on the truth, so it is best to just sit and observe it all as this movement plays out.

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