Survival Tips for the Unexpected Housewife

Life is hard. There is no doubt about that, especially when the unexpected hits you like a freight train and turns your entire life around. What makes it hard is If you have a husband and maybe a child to take care of in the mix. However, know you’re not alone, and you can get through it. Here are some tips to make the transition from working into being a housewife a little bit easier-from one who has experienced it themselves.

Get a Hobby for Yourself. You are going to be surrounded by childish things or constant chores, so whether which one pertains to you, it is best to have something “adult” and “personalized” for yourself to where you don’t go completely insane. Whether that be writing, painting, vlogging or being obsessed with the bachelor. It is something specific to you and trust me-it will be your lifeline, your safe haven more than once before you’re completely adapted to the change.

Reach Out in the Community for Others. To keep from spiraling into depression (which is a very real and scary things for housewives) you need to reach out in the community for others in your situation. It isn’t so much as misery loves company, but more of strength in numbers. All of you can support each other mentally and emotionally to make the transition and the woes of everyday life as a housewife that gets to you be less of a burden to bear. When you find said people, make sure to meet with them at least once a week.

Schedule Time for Yourself. No matter how hectic you think your schedule is, there always is at least 15 minutes you can schedule to yourself and only yourself-and you bet your lucky stars you will want to. With everything you have to maintain it is so incredibly easy to forget yourself, to label yourself as less than a priority, when in all reality you are the most important one to take care of-because everything depends on you. Do not put yourself first 24/7, but definitely be considerate of your mental and physical well-being at least in order to perform at the best of your capability.

It seems like a difficult effort to maintain, but it is possible if you keep a level head and pay enough attention to yourself as much as you do your child(ren). Remember: if momma isn’t okay enough to take care of her children, then the children won’t be taken care of properly, so put some priority in yourself too.

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