On Your Mark, Get Set, Go Get That Job!

Scouring the internet for helpful tips as a stay-at-home-mom re-entering the workforce isn’t reassuring. The consensus is that unless moms have a degree and use personal connections with letters of recommendations, hiring personnel will discard applications and resumes.


In fact, with no requirement to divulge information on an applicant’s personal life, there is no difference in odds between a mom and a woman with no kids with similar availability and skills. The tricky part is explaining the gap in employment, but with some creativity and using the below resume tips, moms will find it easier than expected.


Standard resume templates encourage using separated blocks to describe each job held, job duties and time spent in each position with specific dates. It looks neat and organized but tends to highlight time away from the workforce.

As an alternative, place emphasis on your strongest asset. This includes education, training or even values like honesty and loyalty. Follow up with individual skills, abilities, and experience.

Example Format:

Strongest Asset


  • Skill A – 5 Years
  • Skill B – 9 Years


  • Company A – 4 years
  • Company B – 12 years

Hiring personnel can’t match candidates to positions without knowing their capabilities.

While it may seem obvious to a mom, putting “housekeeping” as a skill isn’t as effective as saying you are well organized, attentive to detail, keep your workspace clean, work well under pressure and great at multitasking and meeting deadlines.

  • Have a knack for peaceful resolution to sibling squabbles? Add conflict resolution as a skill.
  • Did you home-school or tutor kids successfully? Add mentoring and communication skills.

Be selective when choosing references to include.

Friends and family are often accepted, but there’s no denying their bias.

Try to come up with at least three people you’ve worked with in any capacity. They can be people you’ve worked previous jobs with, fellow parents you chaperoned with or even teachers you’ve helped with fundraisers.

The value of references is to show how well respected you are and how well you work with others.

Follow Up
Don’t pepper potential employers with applications and resumes without following up.

Make time to either call or stop by in person to each place you applied to and speak with the hiring personnel. If they aren’t available, leaving a message is acceptable, but keep calling each day until you are able to speak to them directly. This removes the human error margin on lost or forgotten messages and shows your dedication and determination.

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