Why It’s Harder than You Think to be a Stay-at-Home Mom: There are No Holidays

Life is a holiday when you’re a stay-at-home mom… said no one ever!

Not only is full-time parenthood hard (and often stinky, sticky and scary) work, full-time parents do not have the luxury of getting paid leave. No paid – or even unpaid – holidays, vacation days or sick days, and many parents are lucky to get an evening or weekend off either! When you have small children at home and are their designated full-time caretaker, you are unlikely to get a few hours of rest – let alone a day or longer – unless you work hard to plan for it.

Before becoming a stay-at-home mom, you may have thought that every day would be fun and relaxed. After all, you can stay in your pajamas and watch TV all day, right? Maybe do some yoga, bake cookies or take the dog for a walk? Of course, you’ll do all of this with your infant or toddler! Once you are actually living the life of a full-time parent, though, you are likely to find that you are lucky if you have the time, energy and privacy needed to go to the restroom, let along take a shower, get dressed, exercise or relax. Babies need to be fed, changed, comforted and held almost hourly throughout the day and night. Toddlers and preschoolers are typically very active and require a great deal of parental supervision to stay safe and socially stimulated.

Want to go on a vacation away from home? Be prepared to spend weeks arranging the appropriate care for your child, and packing their necessities. Bringing them along? Expect to bring twice as much luggage for them than you will for yourself; don’t forget to pack diapers, wipes, breast pumps and bottles, blankets, toys, carriers, crib, car seats and more!

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