Author: Doris Butler

Finding Time for Yourself

Taking care of children seems like an insurmountable task. Minutes alone are precious and sparse, but you can find small ways to extend your alone time. Most of my advice has to do with sleep and sleep schedules.   If your kid(s) have a designated nap time, use that hour to spend time as you […]

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Why is my Teenager a D-Bag?

Teenagers’ lives are clouded by cynicism and intense emotion. As parents, we might (internally or externally) trivialize the events in their day-to-day lives. Maybe your child, who had previously loved Justin Bieber, is now listening to gangster rap. Maybe they randomly gave up meat, offering no explanation for the new, vegetarian lifestyle. The pressure to […]

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How to Eat Healthy with Three Kids

Eating healthy is difficult for everyone. This is especially true for moms, who might want to indulge after a full day of stressful parenting. However, the eating habits you develop as an adult will be observed and picked up by your kids. It is important to set an example for how to appropriately address sugar […]

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