Why It’s Harder than You Think to be a Housewife: Maintaining an Identity

When people think of stay-at-home mothers, they often think of a cleaning and cooking housewife, and write it off as “easy” or “mundane” but often that is not true. These are just some ways it is not easy.

Tell me something. If you had to come in for your 9-5 what would you do if you had the flu? A broken arm? See with a job outside of the home you can call out on these terrible days, and you get days off. If it is a broken arm you may even get paid medical leave. A mother gets none of this. She must grin and bare it for the good of the household. Sounds easy at first but what if a child throws a tantrum and hurts your arm? Or if they demand to go to the park? You cannot walk away, and often it is not the best idea to say no.

Mothers are not just caring for their children. They must cook and clean for their husbands too. They must come home and make sure he is okay from work. If not, the relationship becomes distant and that will spell disaster for everyone.

Human beings are not meant to be isolated. So, for someone to willingly isolate themselves from the world all day every day, they must be incredibly strong. Yet sometimes they suffer from things like depression and PTSD without nobody knowing. Beware the danger that comes with the job as well. It’s not without sacrifice.

So with all that being said, next time you see a home momma, give her a thank you, and say you appreciate her hard work-I promise you she will never ever forget that and it will make her smile from ear to ear.

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