Why It’s Harder than You Think to be a Housewife/Stay-at-Home Mom: You End Up Becoming Your Own Worst Critic

While some people think that being a housewife is a simple lifestyle, those people are usually individuals who have never had to try it themselves. One of the many mental enemies of this path in life is yourself, specifically how you wind up being the most caustic critic of your choices and work. If this rings false for you, consider the following points and see if that critic has her own biases.

  • Loneliness. Since someone has to go out and earn enough money to handle expenses, you are usually without your spouse for anywhere from 8-12 hours a day. Furthermore, when your spouse does come home, he is usually too tired to contribute to any lengthy conversation. Without a proper outlet, this means that those thoughts on your mind continue to build up. While kids can help out to some degree, they eventually need to go to school and to extracurricular activities. The days when your kids stay home also tend to make them a higher priority than whatever else you had planned or the day, which can exacerbate the next problem.
  • You never seem to do enough. While there are plenty of hours in the day, you are only one woman. There always seems to be something that jabs your brain right as you begin winding down for the day, killing your mood, and “reminds” you that you could have dropped off the recyclables, made an even better dinner, done some extra cleaning, etc.
  • You ask unreasonably more of yourself. Even if you acknowledge that you are one person, you overcompensate, which only results in wearing out sooner. The most insidious aspect is that that extra push only sometimes works out and even when you know this, its hard to resist trying.

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